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Vermiculite & Pumice (50/50) - Eco Box

Vermiculite & Pumice (50/50) - Eco Box

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VERMICULITE & PUMICE 50/50 - Eco Box (10L & 20L)

Vermiculite and pumice are natural materials commonly used together in gardening and horticulture. Vermiculite is a lightweight mineral that absorbs water and nutrients, improving soil drainage, aeration, and moisture retention.
Pumice, on the other hand, is a porous volcanic rock that enhances soil structure by promoting air circulation and water absorption. When combined in a 50/50 ratio, this mixture creates a well-balanced growing medium for plants.
Perfect for seedlings, aquaponics or plants that require good drainage.


Introducing our new eco box - a sustainable solution for gardening enthusiasts! This innovative product incorporates 100% biodegradable materials, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

The soil mediums are firstly packaged in a plant-based bag, which decomposes naturally and placed in recyclable cardboard box, further reducing its environmental footprint.

Let's embrace sustainable practices together and make a positive difference!

*Please note: The nature of fully compostable materials means that they will naturally degrade over time. To ensure full product performance, please avoid bags from moisture, high temperatures, sunlight, and store in a cool dry place.



To use Vermiculite & Pumice (50/50) as a growing medium, follow these steps:

1. Fill a container with the mixture.

2. Moisten the mixture with water.

3. Plant seeds or transplant seedlings into the mixture.

4. Water regularly, keeping the mixture evenly moist. 


  • Improved soil aeration: The combination of vermiculite and pumice enhances soil porosity and allows for better air circulation within the soil, promoting root growth.
  • Excellent moisture retention: The mix holds moisture well, preventing excessive drying and promoting a healthy balance of hydration for plants.
  • Enhanced drainage: The 50/50 mixture ensures proper water drainage, preventing water logging and root rot.
  • Lightweight: Vermiculite and pumice are both lightweight materials, making it easier to handle and transport the soil mixture.
  • Nutrient retention: Both components have the ability to retain nutrients, ensuring they are accessible to plants over an extended period of time.

 100% Natural Product - Fully Graded for Consistency  - Excellent for Aquaponics & Seedlings - Premium Grade

Available Sizes: 10 Litre & 20L Box
Materials: Vermiculite & Pumice (50/50)
Grade: Premium

Plastic Free Packagaing

Our packaging is made from biodegradable products; cardboard boxes carefully secured with recycled newspaper & kraft tape to ensure your product gets there safely.

Did you know? All plants our transferred from our nusery pots into 100% organic & compostable pot.

Shipping & Returns

Delievery: Shipment of live plants and products will occur between Monday and Thursday of each week by Fastway Postal Service.

Order Processing: Please allow 1-5 business days for your order to be processed.

We do not ship internationally due to agricultural regulations.

Returns: We do offer returns on live plants, and products if youre 100% not satisfied. Please contact us with any concerns by sending us an email to

Plant Pot Dimensions

100% Biodegradeable Peat Pots

Mini 0.29L: (H) 8cm, (W) 7.5cm

Small 0.45L: (H) 9cm, (W) 10cm

Large 1.45L: (H) 12.4cm, (W) 14.3cm

*All of our plants are measured in pot size mostly available in 3 sizes.

Free Repotting

Choosing a gift or just treating yourself? We offer a free repotting service when a plant & pot combo is purchased.

Simply note down which plant and what pot (color & size) at the end of checkout in the notes section and we'll do the rest.

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