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Senecio radicans 'STRING OF BANANAS'

Senecio radicans 'STRING OF BANANAS'

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This popular trailing succulent has unique shaped leaves resembling bananas or fish hooks. Excellent plant for hanging pots or rock gardens that are sheltered from heavy rains.


BOTANICAL NAME: Senecio radicans
COMMON NAMES: String of Bananas, Curio Radicans, Banana Vine, String of Fishhooks
FAMILY: Asteraceae
MAX HEIGHT: 60cm (+/-)
GROWTH TYPE: Hanging / Climber
NATIVE: South Africa


✅ Can't be grown outside in New Zealand.
  ☀️      LIGHT - Full sun / Part shade. (Avoid midday sunlight)
  🌡      TEMPERATURE - Avoid frosts. (10°C – 28°C) 
  💧      WATER - Draught tolerant. Soak & dry. (Low, once a week)
  ☁️      HUMIDITY - Low room humidity. (40% - 50%)
  ⛰      SOIL - Free drainage soil. (Add pumice stone)
  🌱      FERTILISER - Fast release. (Once in the summer)

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Plant Pot Dimensions

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Large 1.45L: (H) 12.4cm, (W) 14.3cm

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