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Peat Moss - Eco Box

Peat Moss - Eco Box

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PEAT MOSS  - Eco Box (10L & 20L)

Peat moss is a type of organic material commonly used in gardening and horticulture. It is composed of decomposed plant matter that has accumulated in wetland areas over thousands of years.
Peat moss is highly absorbent and helps retain moisture in soil, making it an excellent choice for improving soil quality and promoting healthy plant growth.
Great for plants that need continuous water, reducing the risk of root rot.


Introducing our new eco box - a sustainable solution for gardening enthusiasts! This innovative product incorporates 100% biodegradable materials, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

The soil mediums are firstly packaged in a plant-based bag, which decomposes naturally and placed in recyclable cardboard box, further reducing its environmental footprint.

Let's embrace sustainable practices together and make a positive difference!

*Please note: The nature of fully compostable materials means that they will naturally degrade over time. To ensure full product performance, please avoid bags from moisture, high temperatures, sunlight, and store in a cool dry place.



To use peat moss in the garden and pots, start by moistening it to make it easier to work with.

Potting Mix: Mix it with soil in a 1:3 ratio to improve moisture retention and promote healthy root growth.

Garden: Add a layer of peat moss at the bottom before adding your garden mix. Water regularly to keep it moist.


  • Retains moisture: Peat moss has excellent water retention properties, reducing the need for frequent watering.
  • Improves soil structure: Its fibrous composition helps loosen dense soils and improves drainage.
  • Enhances nutrient retention: Peat moss can hold onto nutrients, preventing them from being washed away by rain or irrigation.
  • Provides insulation: It acts as a natural insulator, protecting plant roots from extreme temperatures.
  • Promotes root development: Peat moss's airy texture encourages root growth and development.
  • Lowers soil pH: It can slightly acidify alkaline soils, creating optimal conditions for acid-loving plants.
  • Reduces compaction: Peat moss prevents soil compaction, allowing roots to penetrate easily.
  • Organic matter source: It adds valuable organic matter to the soil, improving its overall health and fertility.
Available Sizes: 10L & 20L Box
Materials: 100% Natural NZ Peat Moss
Grade: Fine

Plastic Free Packagaing

Our packaging is made from biodegradable products; cardboard boxes carefully secured with recycled newspaper & kraft tape to ensure your product gets there safely.

Did you know? All plants our transferred from our nusery pots into 100% organic & compostable pot.

Shipping & Returns

Delievery: Shipment of live plants and products will occur between Monday and Thursday of each week by Fastway Postal Service.

Order Processing: Please allow 1-5 business days for your order to be processed.

We do not ship internationally due to agricultural regulations.

Returns: We do offer returns on live plants, and products if youre 100% not satisfied. Please contact us with any concerns by sending us an email to

Plant Pot Dimensions

100% Biodegradeable Peat Pots

Mini 0.29L: (H) 8cm, (W) 7.5cm

Small 0.45L: (H) 9cm, (W) 10cm

Large 1.45L: (H) 12.4cm, (W) 14.3cm

*All of our plants are measured in pot size mostly available in 3 sizes.

Free Repotting

Choosing a gift or just treating yourself? We offer a free repotting service when a plant & pot combo is purchased.

Simply note down which plant and what pot (color & size) at the end of checkout in the notes section and we'll do the rest.

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