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Liquid Organic Fertiliser - Fish & Seaweed (Dilute)

Liquid Organic Fertiliser - Fish & Seaweed (Dilute)

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FISH & SEAWEED with TRICHODERMA - Organic Liquid Fertiliser

Nutrients from the sea for better growth and healthier fruits & flowers. We believe the Egmont fish & seaweed growth booster is one of the most complete biological/ organic fertilisers produced in New Zealand.

Benefits plants during all growth stages. The organic fertisliser is ideal for roses, fruit trees, vegetables, lawns, bulbs, perennials, natives, house plants and much more...

What makes this liquid fertiliser the number one choice is the disease control benefits it has from the added Trichoderma. Trichoderma is a strong, natural biocontrol agent used extensively for soil born diseases. It is successful against pathogenic fungi and is a superior plant growth promoter

 Organic & 100% Natural Liquid Fertiliser - Omega3 & Trichoderma Rich - Natural Soil Conditioner  - Dilute 1:20 - Makes up to 150 litres


    Shake bottle thoroughly before us.

    Vegetables, herbs, annuals & perennials: Apply 30mls per 9 litres (9000ml) of water. Covers 3-4m2 using a watering can or sprayer.

    Larger trees: Apply 40mls - 80mls per 9 litres (9000ml) of water.

    Established lawns: Apply 80mls - 120mls per 9 litres (9000ml) of water. Covers 18m2 using a watering can or sprayer.

    Can repeat every 2-4 weeks during the active growing season.

    Dilute: 1:100-150 per application. 


    • The proven Omega3 growth booster.
    • Conditions soil.
    • Bigger plants faster.
    • 100% natural ingredients.
    • Perfect for edible fruits & vege plants.
    • Controls diseases in the soil from Trichoderma.


    Nitrogen 2.2%, Phosphorus 1.6%, Potassium 0.2%, Sulphur 0.2%, Calcium 0.3%, Magnesium 0.04%, Fish Bone, Fish Oil, Omega3 7.5%, trace element minerals include Iron, Maganese, Boron, Copper, Zinc, Silicon, Selenium, Cobalt, Molybdenum & Trichoderma.
    Available sizes: Small - 500ml bottle (Dilute 1:100)

    Plastic Free Packagaing

    Our packaging is made from biodegradable products; cardboard boxes carefully secured with recycled newspaper & kraft tape to ensure your product gets there safely.

    Did you know? All plants our transferred from our nusery pots into 100% organic & compostable pot.

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    We do not ship internationally due to agricultural regulations.

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    Plant Pot Dimensions

    100% Biodegradeable Peat Pots

    Mini 0.29L: (H) 8cm, (W) 7.5cm

    Small 0.45L: (H) 9cm, (W) 10cm

    Large 1.45L: (H) 12.4cm, (W) 14.3cm

    *All of our plants are measured in pot size mostly available in 3 sizes.

    Free Repotting

    Choosing a gift or just treating yourself? We offer a free repotting service when a plant & pot combo is purchased.

    Simply note down which plant and what pot (color & size) at the end of checkout in the notes section and we'll do the rest.

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