Plant Care Guide

Plant Care Guide

A collection of low-maintenance plants from the driest places around the world. Our plants require minimal watering needs and can tolerate draught for longer periods of time.

Cacti, Succulents & NZ Natives are easy-care plants, that can add interesting colours and textures to your indoor/outdoor plant oasis without the high maintenance compared to other plants.

Here is a list of why we believe succulents, cacti, and NZ natives are the easiest plants to care for;

  1. Thrive in full sun light.
  2. Less watering, draught tolerant plants. 
  3. Not heavy feeders. Apply 1/4 or 1/2 strength of fertiliser. 
  4. More pest resistant compared to other plants.
  5. Smaller plants requiring less pruning and maintenance.
  6. Require lower levels of humidity. No misting necessary.


  • Plant cacti, succulents, & natives in a free draining potting mix, as poor drainage can lead to root rot. We use a free draining potting mix that provides an ideal soil combination for healthy plant growth.
  • Most cacti & succulents will benefit from re-potting into a 'slightly' larger pot every year in early spring, or for slower growing plants every 2-3 years. Majority of our plants have small rooting systems so repotting into a much larger pot then the previous will lead to holding too much water and will cause root rot.


  • Cacti, succulents, & NZ Natives thrive in warm environments, so place them in the sunniest position with maximum direct sunlight.
  • Succulents prefer 4 - 6 hours of direct sunlight.
  • Cacti prefer 6 - 8 hours of direct sunlight.
  • NZ natives prefer 6 - hours of direct sunlight.


  • Plants will benefit from regular watering in spring and summer. We use the soak and dry method, touch the surface of the mix and if it feels dry, water, and allow the surface of the mix to dry out between watering. Plants benefit from reduced watering in winter.


  • Succulents and Cacti plants prefer a low humidity environment, so leaf misting isn't required.
  • NZ natives prefer a slightly higher humidity, very similar to our sub tropical climate. Misting isn't required when planted outside, however indoors misting can be beneficial replicating its natural environment (80%, NZ average humidity level)


  • Feed your cacti & succulents every two weeks in spring and summer with a natural liquid fertiliser. We sell premium formulated fertiliser designed with natural nutrients to promote healthy plant growth.
  • Feed your native plants mainly in the warmer months with a slow release fertiliser providing a year round of nutrients for your plants.
  • Fertilising is not required in winter.

Pests & Diseases

  • Cacti & succulents are relatively pest and disease free, however slugs sometimes can be a problem. Use a natural spray to control infestations.
  • Root rot can also be a problem due to poor drainage or over watering. Remember succulents and cacti store excess water in their leaves allowing them to survive during long draughts.
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