Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable Gardening

Desert Creek Sustainable Program

The main components of sustainable gardening is management of; crop, water, waste, pest and diseases.

Desert Creek Sustainable Program strives to help the environment by:

  • Saving Water - Rain harvested and stored in large tanks.
  • Natural Pest Management - We use and sell organic and effective pesticides. Chemical free. (Desert Creek Shop Pesticides)
  • Organic Fertilizers - Natural plant food rich in nutrients to boost healthy growth. (Desert Creek Shop Fertilisers)
  • Weed & Moisture Control - We reduce the growth of weeds and conserve soil moisture by covering the soil with coconut coir which acts similar to mulch. (Desert Creek Shop Soil / Mediums)
  • Reduce Waste - All plants come inside a biodegradable peat pots so we're able to reuse the nursery pots. (Desert Creek Shop Biodegradeable Pots)
  • Biodegradable Packaging - Carefully packaged in cardboard boxes securely contained with kraft tape. 100% Plastic free. 
  • Sustainable Products - Majority of our products are locally sourced and made from natural resources. (Desert Creek Shop Garden Gifts)
  • Promote Biodiversity - Support of local native plants and animal life ecosystems. We specialise in New Zealand land restoration, involving the renewal of downgraded or entirely destroyed ecological systems. (Desert Creek Shop NZ Native Plants)

    Waste management

    Desert Creek strongly believe in the 3 R's - Reduce - Reuse - Recycle.

    We "reduce" buying unnecessary nursery pots by planting every plant purchased into a peat pot which is 100% biodegradable.

    This way we are able to "reuse" the nursery pots again and again reducing the chances of plastic going into landfill.

    The advantages of using peat pots, is when replanting you reduce the risk of transplant shock since the plant can simply be buried with the pot without disturbing the roots. Mess free!

    Excellent moisture retention, known to hold up to 8 times its own weight in water, providing your plants with slow-release hydration.

    We try our best to focus on sustainable products that are made from natural materials. If not, for example our plastic nursery pots are made from 85% "recycled" plastic here in New Zealand.

    All of our products are sent securely in 100% plastic free packaging.

    Pest/disease management

    Natural pest & disease management is a method of controlling pests without using chemicals. 

    Chemical pesticides have many disadvantages. Although they remove the pest, they also kill many of the insects that are useful to the crop, can pollute soil and water supplies, and worst case scenario make people sick.

    We sell pesticides, effectively controlling pests using only natural ingredients. 

    Water management

    Here at Desert Creek, we understand that water conservation is an important factor when running a nursery business. Thats why we have committed to store as much rain water as possible from our greenhouse roofs. We currently store 20,000L of water in tanks, and continue to increase as the business grows.

    Crop management

    Crop management is the set of agricultural practices performed to improve the growth, development and yield of crops. We continue to improve our efficiency of growing plants by;

    • Enhancing beneficial pollinators population by using companion plants around the nursery. 
    • Weed control measures to increase plant quality.

    Soil management

    Soil is more than dirt: it’s a thriving ecosystem. Microorganisms in the soil break down organic matter, providing nutrients to plants. 

    We use a premium potting mix which contains a perfect combination of matter and minerals to increase soil health. 

    The potting mix we use includes composted bark fines, pumice stone, chicken manure, gypsum, dolomite, controlled-release fertiliser and trace elements provide immediate and continuing nutrient supply to produce superior results for all gardens.

    • Contains controlled-release fertiliser and wetting agent
    • Increases organic matter in all soil types
    • Improves soil structure and drainage
    • Enhances sandy soils and increases water holding capacity
    • Acts as a clay breaker in heavy soil types
    • Promotes earthworm activity and improves nutrient availability
    • Weed-free* 

    *Weed-free - micro/small weeds may be present when a plant arrives as a majority of our plants are grown outside.

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